DAVID ZEE Can't Sit Still

David’s first CD from 2001, all original songs - rockin’ swingin’ bluesin’ hooks with horns, guitars, and David’s signature piano pounding.


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"...a big wet musical dog kiss. A valentine to Tin Pan Alley that finds freshness in the familiar and unexpected depth in pop sentiment..."

"...Produced with clean, spare, deep sound by Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter Paul and Mary fame), the album sounds great. I don't know when I've heard a better recorded acoustic piano...."

- reviewer Dan Cohen for
The Muse's Muse

"Every generation has the same wistful complaint: 'They don't write songs like they used to.' And with a roll of the eyes, the kids respond, 'But those old songs sound so
dated.' Think again. David Anthony Zee and company bring new life (and the occasional new lyric) to overlooked pop hits from the last 90 years. Ten songs dressed up smart: some in a tux, others in t-shirts and sneakers. Virtuosity with vulnerability. Timeless songs to capture our hearts and rock our socks off. Retro-Pop Jazz? Listen. You'll understand."

- liner notes by album producer Noel Paul Stookey

" 'These were the songs of my dad's time, and I'd like to honor them,' Noel told me as he described the project he was suggesting for my first collection of cover songs. 'Baby Face' was the first title he threw out, and of course I had heard that old chestnut many times over the years in different styles, even a 1970s disco version! Noel picked out standards and forgotten tunes from the 1920s and 1930s. A few I had heard, but most I had not. As we tried them in different settings and arrangements, the collection evolved into a mix that Noel dubbed 'Retro-Pop-Jazz.' His poignant song 'Whatsername' from the PPM 'Album 1700' fit right in with the classics."

- David Anthony Zee

TRACK LISTINGS described by
Aftertime producer Noel Paul Stookey
and artist David Anthony Zee

  1. IT HAD TO BE YOU (Jones/Kahn, Bantam Music Publishers) - a big hit in its time, redone here in a Fats Domino meets Boogie Woogie style. Definitely up. - NPS
  2. BABY FACE (Akst /Davis, B&G Akst Music) – most times the verses (herewith included) are ignored but yes, it's true – the Carpenters and/or Burt Bachrach are equally responsible for the feel. - NPS
  3. IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME (Perkins/Oken/Coleman, Marmor Music) – a Four Freshman landmark of the 50's made achingly real by virtue of David's solo rendering. - NPS
  4. WHATSERNAME (Stookey/Kniss/Dixon, Neworldmedia Publishing) – This is NOT the Green Day piece. I wrote this. You might have noticed. Included on the ALBUM 1700 released by PETER, PAUL and MARY in the late 60's and tells a pretty compelling story just from one side of a dialogue. - NPS
  5. WHAT'LL I DO (Berlin, Williamson Music) - an Irving Berlin standard from 1923, this deceptively simple ballad of lost love could not be more poignant if it had been written yesterday. - DAZ
  6. WE JUST COULDN'T SAY GOODBYE (Woods, Callicoon Music) – a "Looney-Tunes" version of a 30's song, replete with an attempted musical emulation of dancing chairs and waving curtains. - NPS
  7. HOW CAN I TELL HER (Livingston/Evans, Famous Music Corporation) - another Four Freshmen ballad, a huge hit in the 50s, and a signpost to a more innocent time. As with "It Never Occurred to Me," we pulled the melody out of the original lush harmony arrangement. - DAZ
  8. EVERYBODY LOVES MY BABY (Palmer/Williams, Universal Music Group) - a blues standard from the 1920s, when blues was a relatively new music. - DAZ
  9. TIME AFTER TIME (Cahn/Styne, Sands Music Group/Warner Chappell Music Inc.) - not the Cyndi Lauper 80s hit! This 1947 love song was as popular in its time as Cyndi's composition is now, recorded over time by more than 50 legendary vocalists. Usually rendered in a swing style, Time After Time feels right at home with a moody Latin groove. - DAZ
  10. UNDECIDED (Shavers/Robins, MCA Music Publishing) – “First you say you do – and then you don't. Then you say you will – and then you won't. You're undecided what're you gonna do?!” done in changing time signatures to suit the vacillations. - NPS










Cover photo by Sally Farr

Cover photo by Maripat Lorelli