DAVID ZEE Can't Sit Still

David’s first CD from 2001, all original songs - rockin’ swingin’ bluesin’ hooks with horns, guitars, and David’s signature piano pounding.

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"Retro-Pop-Jazz" re-imagined, updated hit songs from the jazz era. Poignant ballads and smooth uptempo foot-tappers.
Produced by
Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)

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"...a big wet musical dog kiss. A valentine to Tin Pan Alley that finds freshness in the familiar and unexpected depth in pop sentiment..."

"...Produced with clean, spare, deep sound by Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter Paul and Mary fame), the album sounds great. I don't know when I've heard a better recorded acoustic piano...."

- reviewer Dan Cohen for
The Muse's Muse

"Every generation has the same wistful complaint: 'They don't write songs like they used to.' And with a roll of the eyes, the kids respond, 'But those old songs sound so
dated.' Think again. David Anthony Zee and company bring new life (and the occasional new lyric) to overlooked pop hits from the last 90 years. Ten songs dressed up smart: some in a tux, others in t-shirts and sneakers. Virtuosity with vulnerability. Timeless songs to capture our hearts and rock our socks off. Retro-Pop Jazz? Listen. You'll understand."

- liner notes by album producer Noel Paul Stookey

" 'These were the songs of my dad's time, and I'd like to honor them,' Noel told me as he described the project he was suggesting for my first collection of cover songs. 'Baby Face' was the first title he threw out, and of course I had heard that old chestnut many times over the years in different styles, even a 1970s disco version! Noel picked out standards and forgotten tunes from the 1920s and 1930s. A few I had heard, but most I had not. As we tried them in different settings and arrangements, the collection evolved into a mix that Noel dubbed 'Retro-Pop-Jazz.' His poignant song 'Whatsername' from the PPM 'Album 1700' fit right in with the classics."

- David Anthony Zee











Cover photo by Sally Farr

Cover photo by Maripat Lorelli